Fever ray - triangle walks (remixes)

How will kava make you feel, what you may notice when you take the pills
Not everyone reacts exactly the same way to this herb. This is due to the fact that each one of us has a different biochemistry. Furthermore, different products on the market have different amounts of constituents within them, depending on the time of year of the harvest, which island it's from, how's its processed, etc. The form of kava, whether liquid, tincture, or capsule, may also make a difference on how you feel, or how quickly you feel the effects. However, most of the time, the effects are noticed within an hour or two.

As a rule, the following are some common feelings that most users report after taking kava either as a capsule or in liquid form:
     A state of relaxation, without feeling drugged
     Muscle tenseness is less
     Peacefulness and contentment
     More sociable, especially with the right company
     Mild euphoria, sometimes
     Mental alertness is often not effected, except on high doses
     Initial alertness followed by drowsiness which comes on after a few hours, so kava can be taken in the evening, a few hours before bedtime.

The Guardian named Fever Ray the second best album of 2009, calling it "[g]lacial, creepy and impish" and commenting, "Between the cavernous synths, the echoes and loops, the polyrhythms and snarling vocal processing, Andersson managed to capture the feeling of being totally alone while also projecting a childlike wonder." [18] It was ranked the second best album of 2009 and twenty-fourth best album of the 2000s decade by Resident Advisor . [19] [20] The Sunday Times named Fever Ray the third best album of 2009 by a new artist and wrote that Andersson "responded to motherhood with an album of glacial sonic architecture, its unforgiving expanses conjuring up sleep-deprived mental churning", dubbing it an "electro classic". [21] NME , Drowned in Sound and Pitchfork all placed the album at number nine on their respective lists of the Top 50 Albums of 2009, [22] [23] with the latter noting that "[w]hat's made Andersson's work even better is how her videos and performances amplify the music's sense of dread and mystery." [24]

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Remixes)Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Remixes)Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Remixes)Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Remixes)