Don angelo - feelings / don't move a muscle

Miseducation 's liner notes mostly credit Hill with producing, writing and arranging the entire album. It was, in fact, a huge group effort, as underlined by a lawsuit settled out of court in 2001 for a reported $5 million. To celebrate the album, Rolling Stone spoke with many of those responsible for making it: a then-little known pianist named John Legend, D'Angelo, engineer Commissioner Gordon, backup singers, New-Ark producers, Hill's longtime companion Rohan Marley, and her Fugee bandmate Pras Michel.

Where are Warren and Jamal when we pick up and are there genuine feelings between them?
Terrell Carter: Well, Jamal has always had genuine feelings. In the beginning, he was just a pawn for Diana DuBois, but I think at this point the tug of war is starting to happen for Warren. It’s starting to happen with not only how he’s feeling about Jamal, but how he’s feeling about his family, Diana and Angelo.

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Don Angelo - Feelings / Don't Move A MuscleDon Angelo - Feelings / Don't Move A MuscleDon Angelo - Feelings / Don't Move A MuscleDon Angelo - Feelings / Don't Move A Muscle